When he was a child he started in music world by learning the fife and he was sevenwhen he went to Bergerac music school where he began by studying the alto / baryton saxophone and then went to the C.I.A.M. course in Bordeaux (2002-2004).

He followed his father's foot steps (Sylvain ROUX), playing in music festivals, concerts, street performances and other events, without forgetting to take part in courses with the Lubat company in Uzeste.  Facinated by the world sound and its diversity, he started playing the piano, accordion, percussion, sequencer and any other sort of object he could divert from its day to day use.

Since 2002, he turned to "Digital audio workstation" (DAW), playing in various groups, creation of performance with his brother and shows for young audiences on Bordeaux. He produces himself two albums and a single new music with Zimbalam.

In parallel multiplies professionals experiences with various public always turning around music : musician animator with children 16 months to 6 years (Recreation Center, childcare after scoole, day nursery) to Bordeaux (APEEF), host for mentally disabled people, teenage and Mobility & Living Aids. He enjoys training in Paris with "Enfance et Musique".

He developed his skills in sound recording, mixing by following a formation (Format-Son / 2013) in Toulouse to fully devote itself to the arts community.


In 2015, he formed an electronic music duo (Ciclik), solo (Bus Number Four) and proposes workshops Computer Aided Music around the sound design with two partners (Leila ARTIGALA and Adrien MAURY) for any public.

As a creative cook, his compositions are real "ratatouilles" in wich we can savour local and distant flavours.